What’s Best For Me: A Condo or Apartment?

The difference between an apartment and a condominium may not be apparent at first, but the rules of ownership are vastly different and you will want to know your options when considering renting an apartment or buying a condo. Owning A Condo vs. Renting An Apartment Apartments are owned by a single entity, like a corporation, and then leased to individuals. Condominiums on the other hand, are owned by individuals and managed by the condominium building’s homeowner’s association (HOA). At…

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Is A Condo Better Than A Single-Family Home?

Whether you’re a first time homebuyer digging through the legal terms and interest rates of a mortgage, or a new home is part of your life’s next chapter, deciding to buy a single-family home or a condominium will rely on a number of factors. The first of which is no surprise, location, location, location. If you have a need or desire to be near downtown, a new trendy Austin condominium can offer the walkability you need. There are a number…

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5 Reasons Condos Are Perfect For Baby Boomers

There are roughly 76 million Baby Boomers in America, many ready to leave home maintenance behind and enjoy their time traveling, taking up new hobbies, and have easy access to entertainment options. Trendy new condos in Austin, TX are perfect for the generation now ready to downsize. Whether these seasoned homeowners are looking for a more active lifestyle, less space, or a smaller mortgage, buying a condo in Austin is a great way to enhance their lifestyle. Less Time At…

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How To Sell Your Condo To Millennials

The new generation of homebuyers is much different than in years past, and today’s sellers will have to meet (most) of the younger buyer’s demands. The key to selling a condominium in Austin, TX is understanding today’s house hunters. To understand what millennials want from a home buying experience, and ultimately the home they buy, a seller must learn how to communicate with the 20 and 30 somethings. Millennials Want Turn-Key Condos Baby Boomers understand the phrase “make it your…

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3 Things You Need to Know Before Renting Your Condo

Investing in a condominium for sale in Austin, TX can offer you a lot of flexibility that may not come with purchasing a single family home. Not only are Texas natives and transplants looking for a prime condo in a trendy, downtown neighborhood, but statistics show that many young professionals are waiting to purchase their first home, which means renting is an ideal scenario. Choosing to buy a new, trendy condo in Austin means you not only have a home…

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4 Best Places To Live In Austin Without A Car

There are numerous reasons people from across the country, and even from international spaces, are flocking to Austin, TX. The city’s ability to mold to nearly any generation – empty nesters to millennials – partnered with its growing job market, top rated restaurants, and green spaces offer the perfect mix of city entertainment and suburbia. As the market of homes and condos for sale in Austin continues to grow, many homebuyers are looking into neighborhoods that would allow them to…

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5 Amenities Every Millennial Wants in a Condo

Condominium amenities are a must for many buyers, but when it comes to millennials, the fastest growing group of homebuyers, amenities are demanded. The catch with these young professionals is that the ordinary comforts offered at some condos for sale in Austin, TX, aren’t enough. Homebuyers under the age of 36 have specific needs, and they’re willing to walk away from a deal if the perks package isn’t sweet enough. Amenities millennials want in condominiums go beyond a gym, pool,…

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Millennials Are Buying Smaller But Location Is Still Key

Depending on who you talk to, there is a barrage of synonyms for millennials. The generation of young professionals isn’t just changing the way we communicate, function within the workplace, and view norms within society, they are also changing the real estate landscape across the nation. What you used to know about buying a home or condominium is rarely accurate when it comes to millennials. The next group of home buyers is focused on location as opposed to square footage,…

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6 Best Organization Hacks For Your Condo

Whether your downsizing, trying to create more space, or just getting organized, finding hidden storage space in a condominium can be hard to come by. With a little creativity, and a few trash bags, you can create more room than meets the eye. Vertical Space Look beyond the square footage number of your new Austin condo. Yes, floor space is limited, so it’s time to start climbing the walls! Using slender shelving options that lean against the wall, like this…

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Austin Real Estate Market Closes Record Year With $10B In Home Sales

The Austin Board of Realtors reports the Austin-Round Rock metro area has a record year in 2016, with home sales topping $10 billion. With growth across the real estate board, the region ended the year with the highest home sales volume in history. In a press release, 2017 President of the Austin Board of Realtors Brandy Guthrie says the Texas housing market should steady over the next year. “The Central Texas housing market is slowly beginning to align with long-term…

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